Janelle Monae_Dirty Computer._ArtWork_Premiera 27.04.2018

Premiera! Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer an Emotion Picture. From Bruno Patrocinio Brasil. I’m ready to be clean!





Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture]  I’m ready to be clean… FCKIN ICONIC!
OMG!!! This is amazing! I love your representation on what it means to be black, female and queer. I love this! This video was everything! Yasssss JM loving the concept and reflection of how society tries to define and box us in to the ideas of tradition! Bump that be who you want to be and do it proudly!
Such a ARTificialintelligence work of a visual
Only at first day 189 074 views, 182 unlike and almost 19 thousands likes!


Janelle Monáe the best start this month! In Taste Impression opinion!
Published on 27 april  2018
Dirty Computer – an emotion picture* by Janelle Monáe.
How it’s working: 2016=>Beyoncé 2017=>Solange 2018=>Janelle Monáe

Check it!

Can black mirror please make this season 5. Also I need TT and Janelle Monay to do a movie together. A love story. They have crazy chemistry!

Dirty Computer – an emotion picture* by Janelle Monáe.
*EMOTION PICTURE (definition): a narrative film and accompanying musical album.
To Sum Up This 48 MinuteVideo all I got to say is, a LIVING LEGEND! I glad I get to say I’ve lived and is living at the same time as Janelle And get to experience this legendaryness go down!!!
Oooh Janelle…  You couldn’t make it more perfect than it already is. Congrats. Love you.

Janelle Monáe as Jane 57821
Tessa Thompson as Zen
Jayson Aaron as Ché
Also Starring
Michelle Hart as Virgin Victoria
Dyson Posey as Cleaner #1
Jonah Lee as Cleaner #2
Executive Produced by
Janelle Monáe
Nate “Rocket” Wonder
Chuck Lightning
Mikael Moore
Julie Greenwald
Co-Executive Produced by
Kelli Andrews
Ian Blair
Alan Ferguson
Directed by
Andrew Donoho
Chuck Lightning
Written by
Chuck Lightning

Additional Story Ideas and Vision by
Janelle Monáe
Nate “Rocket” Wonder
Alan Ferguson
Music Videos Written and Directed by
Alan Ferguson
Emma Westenberg
Andrew Donoho
Lacey Duke
Produced by
Nicole Acacio
Ian Blair
Associate Produced by
Deonna Young-Stephens
Music Videos Produced by
Justin Benoliel
Judy Craig
Melissa Ekholm
Maya Table
Ian Blair
Janelle Monae_Dirty Computer._ArtWork_Premiera 27.04.2018
Janelle Monae_Dirty Computer._ArtWork_Premiera 27.04.2018



Original Music Score by
Nate “Rocket Wonder
Wynne Bennett
Wardrobe by
Alexandra Mandalkorn
Hair by
Nikki Nelms
Makeup by
Jessica Smalls
Director of Photography
Todd Banhazl
Production Design
Fernanda Guerrero
Edited by
Andrew Donoho
Taylor Brusky
Music Videos Edited by
Deji LaRay
Choreography by
Jemel McWilliams
Sound Design by
Jackie! Zhou
Janelle Monáe with Special Guest St. Beauty “Dirty Computer” Tour Dates – Just Announced! Visit http://www.jmonae.com for more
Mon Jun 11 – Seattle, WA
King County’s Marymoor Park
Tue Jun 12 – Vancouver, BC
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Wed Jun 13 – Portland, OR
McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater
Sat Jun 16 – San Francisco, CA
The Masonic
Wed Jun 20 – San Diego, CA
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU
Thu Jun 28 – Los Angeles, CA
The Greek Theatre
Sat Jun 30 – Salt Lake City, UT
The Complex
Sun Jul 01 – Denver, CO
The Paramount Theatre
Tue Jul 03 – Minneapolis, MN
State Theatre
Thu Jul 05 – Chicago, IL
The Chicago Theatre
Fri July 06 – Milwaukee, WI*
Sat Jul 07 – Grand Rapids, MI
20 Monroe Live
Mon Jul 09 – Detroit, MI
Fox Theatre Detroit
Tue Jul 10 – Cincinnati, OH
Taft Theatre
Wed Jul 11 – St. Louis, MO
The Pageant
Fri Jul 13 – Nashville, TN+
Ryman Auditorium+
Sat Jul 14 – Indianapolis, IN
Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
Mon Jul 16 – Toronto, ON
Wed Jul 18 – New York, NY
Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden
Fri Jul 20 – Washington, DC*
The Anthem*
Sat Jul 21 – Boston, MA
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
Mon Jul 23 – Raleigh, NC
The Ritz
Tue Jul 24 – Charlotte, NC
The Fillmore Charlotte
Thu Jul 26 – Tampa, FL
Jannus Live
Fri Jul 27 – Miami, FL
The Fillmore Miami at Jackie Gleason Theater
Sat Jul 28 – Orlando, FL
House of Blues Orlando
Sat Aug 04 – Atlanta, GA
*non-Live Nation date
+on sale beginning May 4
Connect with Janelle:
Everybody in whole of the world listening and watching this amazing video of Janelle Monáe. Seriously! Especially in Castilla La Mancha, Spain (picture below). For sure. In whole Europe. Fot. WaldLoren
Zachodzix Valdecanas 4. day 2 White cat
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Kasia DeanThis makes me so proud.. honestly I love it, ITS YOUR TIME JANELLE!!🌺🌸🌼💗💜💙🔷🔹🦋💎💖💕

Jawun Ahmud

„All I ever really felt was stressed out, kind of like my afro when it’s pressed out”

Gordon Banks

Jawun Ahmud yeaaa she did that. That was a tight ass line.

J Vocals

Jawun Ahmud okurrrrr Lol
Whitney Chapin

I see the Alejandro Jodorowski, David Bowie, Prince, and Black Mirror references…I’m really enjoying this.

Wow! That was incredible! Beautiful and well executed!


Whitney Chapin Good calls. Some New Order in there, too.
sORry i’M LaTe! wHat diD I miSs?

Whitney Chapin Elaborate on Black Mirror??
Rose Robb

Don’t know if this is what she meant about Black Mirror, but the Make Me Feel video always reminds me of San Junipero.

yeah definitely
what are the alejandro jodorowski ones ??


Someone petition for Janelle to direct a complete Afrofuturistic concept Sci-fi series on Netflix. Minimum 8 episodes



Pat Malia

Okay I’m pausing this… I wasn’t expecting a sci-fi movie. I’ll be back with popcorn

Elli Darffy Grown

Art. Just Art.

Naomi PR

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with all of us for free! Great job, Team Monae! 👏👏🙌

Ambre Sky

I wasn’t ready for this masterpiece, this piece of art. Thanks Janelle ❤️❤️❤️

Omphile Sebego

Janelle is literally so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Omphile Sebego

She looks good in everything

Nasir Foster



Nasir Foster ME EXACTLY. I was like, no!! Don’t end on a note that suggests oppression never ends 💔 But then ahhhhhh

Drew Kolar

Nasir Foster Did you notice though post-credits that they had another „delete memory” clip and that some of her „memories” weren’t actual memories but just parts of her subconscious? I’m thinking the happy ending was just another one of those moments, so ultimately they did erase her. A bit of a dark twist, but it’s in line with one of the film’s many inspirations.


Oh my goodness, watching back I see what you mean now… I’m going to have to mull over that one. Gosh, this has been quite the day.

Nasir Foster I did cry. (R)Evolution is necessary…

Ivy J.

¡Hola! Yo soy Dora. Can you help me find the wig Janelle Monáe snatched from me?

Soie LuvsMonstaX&B.A.P&2NE1

here comes a masterpiece high arty blockbuster style, Queen serving let me say yaasss

Rae Sammich

i consider it such a privilege to be alive in the same timeline as this video and Janelle

Elizabeth 62


I can’t agree with you more.


Fuck me, Pass the sick bucket.


But she doesn’t even know you exist! Lol
Judge Judy

i hope i make it to 80, just so i can re-watch this and brag that I watched it the day it came out

**dear 80 year old me, the nostalgia is gonna be so real.

Janelle you and your team did a beautiful job on this. Loved it all. Been rooting for you since I heard Many Moons. I’m so happy to see you still doing your thing and evolving each step of the way.

Diana Rose

wonderful, original, perfect, there are still artists who can reinvent themselves in these times of little creativity, Janelle really can stand out from the others.


I was like damn Janelle is living her best life! No regrets Im loving her rapping

Demarco Smith

I cried so hard that I filled my room, this gives me hope for some reason, we can do anything if we hold on to those memories we cherish most. #dontletthemchangeyou

Momo Kuro

I am so happy to see Janelle Monae’s career evolve. When I first began listening to her album Metropolis. I was heavily, convinced that her talents surpassed even Queen B with her vocal range in songs like „Sincerely, Jane” and „Many Moons”. Even back then I knew she was going to make her own films.

Janelle was my first exposure to Afro-futuristic music and storytelling, she amazed me for being bold and confidant in her creative choices. The Arch Android Cindi Mayweather was genius to me. The Android who gained her freedom in the era of 2719.

I understand what Cindi was to Janelle, and how important it is for her to show us in her music and art her true humanness. We see all her memories, emotions, and even sense of self reflected back to us in this experience. We come from the earth and go back to the earth. How we love and learn is all apart of our shared human experience. So love.

I love her and I love you!

Iliana Robles

I really hope they’re gonna add subtitles to this video or make a transcript of some sort for us deaf and hard of hearing folks. It would be really nice to understand what everyone is saying.

Kayla Richardson

Did the world really find the female Prince? Yas baby we did


zeze Ben

honey buzzard

Kayla Richardson
She’s Good…she learned a lot from Prince…But the female Prince….
NO..you must remember
There will never be another Prince…male or female. This is Art…it’s eclectic, it’s Pretty…the production and directors are..INCREDIBLE…
whoever it is…the songwriting is GREAT.
Never forget Prince was 17 yrs old…playing numerous instruments, producing entire, numerous albums…ALONE…kicking A & R’s out of his studio…for even making suggestions.
She is GOOD…but she’s no PRINCE.
Let’s enjoy it without comparison…


Absolutely! I see his influence all in her. #homage #respect thr way it should be done! I love it.

Kayla Richardson

Only time will tell 👍
starr la roc

I Love her but no, they’ll never be another Prince make or female and imitating his style doesn’t count

Never cried watching a movie „music video”. This is brilliant on some many levels.


Towards the end of Pynk when Zen is holding Jane and looking away like she’s afraid. Yeah that’s real. Finding love and immediately feeling like what you’ve got is something beautiful but fragile that could be broken if you don’t keep it close.

Olivia Eyes

OMG i just learned what she’s saying the beginning of django jane!! „let’s get screwed.. i don’t care” !!!

Bianca Danes

If this isn’t black excellence, then I’m not sure what is.

Trinity Fairgate

Highly Melanated … Highly Melanated… why can’t they just say it! ….I think I’m in HEAVEN now! Thank you Miss Monae I feel a little less Alone.

Eva Gerster

Pure bliss! Dirty computers need to protect each other at all cost. 🇨🇭♥️💯⏰🎸🥊🍷🍫🍒🌹

Christopher Edwards

First Beyonce now Janelle Monae …I’m glad artists are painting pictures to their albums like MJ did for us.


and janelle’s been wanting to do one since the archandroid. i’m so glad she finally got to do one! such fire!!

clorox leech

This is better than Lemonade tbh

Dani Dexter

She really did finesse the whole system. I bow to the Queens…. Monae and Bey.👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐

Every 1 Let’s Talk

Dani Dexter she sure did!
Robbie ASMR

This is beyond phenomenal. What an artistic way to represent how predominant white culture attempts, sometimes even unintentionally, to erase the brutal history of black people and all the things they went through. The assimilation of black culture into white while white culture can borrow all the fun elements of black culture and still disconnect from all the real struggles black people face or have faced. This country was built on the backs of black folk. Slaves, maids, the help, labor workers. We need to credit this culture, not erase it.



and that „yes mother” from Zen reminded me of the stolen generations and child removals of indigenous children. i was in tears

Rahaana Reynolds

Your favs could never 💅🏿

Jenna Long


Batman Batman

So Janelle when is season 1 coming out? Do y’all ever get out? Will yall ever be together again. Will y’a

Dirty Computer: The Album Available Now:  https://janellemonae.lnk.to/dirtycomputer
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